Step 1:

We’ll meet the proposed client to discuss their style, choice of materials 
and their personal preferences to determine what they need.

Step 2:

rough draft of what is needed or drawings will be obtained either through 
the client or their architect. At this point we’ll visit the site to get a feel for 
the area and determine if site measurements can be taken. Then the design 
process can begin.

Step 3:

Then a second meeting is scheduled with the client or architect to discuss 
our proposed designs and choice of materials. All of our designs are done 
on a professional design program called Winner which is capable of rendering 3D realistic views that will show almost to the finest detail what the room will look like in the end. We will then leave a set of drawings with the client and they can determine if it suits their needs and what changes they would like.

Step 4:

Once all of the designs and choice of materials have been approved, our 
Project Manager will go back to the site and take final measurements and 
check if the water and electrical points are correctly positioned.

Step 5:
At this stage manufacturing starts and throughout our process, we will 
constantly check with the builder to ensure that the site will be ready for our installation.

Step 6:
When the installation is finished, our Project Manager and Sales Repre
sentative will set up a final meeting with the client on site to ensure that 
the end product is up to their expectations. Then the project gets signed 
off by both parties and the project is complete.


At Lifestyle Projects we only use high grade melamine board in the construction of our carcasses, we also use a 1mm thick pvc edging on all the visible sides of the carcass panels. This edging has a small bevel on it which ensures that the edging won’t be coming off.

We believe in only using top quality hardware and therefore use Blum runners and hinges. This comes with a guarantee from the suppliers for the lifetime of the kitchen. Other hardware like spice pull-outs and other wire products are imported either form Italy or Germany (Blum; Kessebohmer).

All carcasses are manufactured in our own factory where state-of-the-art panel saws, edge banders, cnc machines and carcass presses ensure that a quality product is produced every time.

Our carcasses leave the factory completely assembled with all the necessary fittings i.e. runners, hinges, doors, drawers and handles that are required for the kitchen. They are bubble wrapped for protection during transportation.

The built in cupboards are stand alone units and each carcass comprises of 2 sides, a base, a top and a 3mm backing board slotted into a groove in the sides and base (16mm backing board optional). These units leave the factory flat packed and are assembled on site.

Highly trained factory staff ensures that your order is delivered on time!


We only use in-house installers which means the installer is not rushed to finish his installation to get paid. But instead has the time to do a proper installation. Our Project Manager liaises with the builder to make sure that the site is ready for installation before we go to site.

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