Software has become an integral part of our daily lives and in the past 5 years plus we have experienced an increase in the willingness from our clients to “experiment” with free design programs to create their own master pieces. Very often clients will approach us with designs already rendered comprising of 3D elevations and basic lay oust. This obviously helps us understand the client’s needs and expectation cutting down on initial concept creation.

3d-1 3d-2

In the cabinet making industry there is countless programs that can easily be mastered from simply downloading it from the web to more specialised programs that will do not just incredible renderings but also compiles the cutting lists as well as specify hardware types and quantities. We use a program called Winner that does just that for us. The software allows us to replicate the structure in a similar fashion as AutoCAD would for instance. Making provision for all the building elements including skylights, open trusses etc. Where necessary standard lists and sizes can be created in a catalogue or custom units can be created.

real-1 real-2

The advantage is that most of the larger materials suppliers and appliance manufacturers also “subscribe” to Winner thus their products and materials can be used in its exact specifications and finishes allowing the client to view a concept that is as near as possible to the completed project. The images here show case two such projects we completed in Silver Lakes as well as at Xanadu (Hartebeestpoort dam).

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